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Hi-Tech Plastic Systems

The basis of the technological performance portfolio – Hi-Tech Plastic Systems.
Our core competence is the production of precision injection molded parts from technical high-performance plastics, based on our own mold construction for complex molds and hybrid assemblies. This results in plastic parts that meet the highest technical requirements – whether in terms of metal substitution or other innovative product solutions. The SCHERDEL Wiesauplast subsidiary MID-Tronic expands the technology portfolio with a view to the realization of future-oriented products. True to the motto Plastic meets Electronic, plastic products are designed and implemented in conjunction with electronic functions together with the customer.

We accompany our customers from the very beginning when it comes to the development of highly complex parts and assemblies. The customer knows what he needs – we know how to implement his requirements, including the use of simulation tools such as Moldflow and FEM calculation.

Top quality in series production is the result of consistent precision work. The basis is our design and mold construction. In doing so, we rely on internal and external specialists.

With injection molding production at the heart of our activities, we pursue one overriding goal: to be the benchmark of what is technically possible for high-precision technical plastic parts and hybrid systems.

In the production of assemblies and hybrid parts, we place a special focus on a balanced and intelligent degree of automation. This increases process reliability and ensures the highest component quality throughout.

State-of-the-art equipment and tools for analysis are another focus to meet customer requirements at the highest level. State-of-the-art measuring equipment including computer tomographic evaluation and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment is a matter of course.

“Global Supply” has always formed a central pillar in the SCHERDEL Wiesauplast range of services. Modern logistics concepts, such as the use of JIT and JIS for application. EDI and ASN are also used as standard communication tools.

The assembly of systems and complete assemblies forms another core competence of SCHERDEL Wiesauplast. Among other things, a wide variety of joining and welding technologies are used.



Plastics as the basis for innovative and forward-looking products offer unimagined possibilities. A team of specialists converts the available potential into superior solutions.

Top performance in precision – we achieve this with a team of experienced, qualified and long-standing employees as well as with our modern technical equipment. Our organizational structure of short decision-making paths and an efficient process landscape, coupled with know-how and innovative spirit, are the guarantee of success from which our customers benefit.

Our broad range of services forms the basis on which we realize a variety of customized, forward-looking solutions for different industries.

Technology workshops and concept studies together with our customers form the basis for finding an optimal concept to meet specific customer requirements. The focus is on subsequent technological and process-reliable feasibility right from the start of the entire development process.

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) is a technology that uses laser light to activate the surface of thermoplastic components for subsequent metallization. Special high-performance plastics are used for this purpose. This technique can be used wherever uneven plastic molded parts need to be metallically coated in order to image conductive structures.

The galvanic metallization of MID components gives the respective products the required conductive properties. An individually tailored layer structure, produced using the latest bath systems, is realized together with our partner companies.

Depending on the final solution for your electronic system, MID-Tronic offers 2D as well as 3D equipment for SMD assembly. Designed for high-volume production, we thus have a wide range of in-house process technologies at our disposal.

In order to avoid risks as best as possible, component testing is a central element of our manufacturing concept. Our zero-defect strategy is based on the latest AOI systems in combination with customer or product-specific ICT tests or functional test units.

As a “bridge” between the development and series production phases, prototype construction is essential for a new technology in order to provide proof of series production capability. MID-Tronic creates samples and prototypes in coordination with the customer and thus creates the basis for a successful series application.



MID-Tronic offers future-proof and innovative solutions in the field of electronics manufacturing, based on plastics, for complex electronic and mechatronic requirements.

With an open mind to results, we draw on our experience and capabilities in the field of classic SMT assembly or 3D-MID technology to implement solutions that meet spatial requirements in particular.

Our customers access our complete chain of competence in the sense of a one-stop store.



Because you can’t afford to take risks.

The satisfaction of our customers is the measure of our quality. Therefore, we focus on high quality in our products, environment-oriented and energy-efficient production, maximum safety for our customers, highest productivity and flexibility, as well as quality-oriented cost minimization. Our quality policy also includes systematic planning and implementation of the resulting findings, as well as future-oriented corporate management.

For a long time, our quality philosophy has been expressed by QM, energy, and environmental management certificates awarded to us according to the standards of ISO 9001, IAFT 16949, ISO 50001, and ISO 14001. Our customers also honor the above-average performance of SCHERDEL Wiesauplast with the award as “Supplier of the Year” or the classification as “Preferred and Premium Supplier”.


Through the use of energy-efficient technologies and the use of economical, resource-saving raw materials and energies, we not only improve our energy performance, but also avoid and reduce energy waste. This forward-looking energy policy is reflected in our ISO 50001 energy management certification.


SCHERDEL Wiesauplast pursues the goal of manufacturing products with the highest quality and reliability at competitive costs. In doing so, we are guided by the zero-defect strategy and strive to permanently increase the quality of our products, processes and productivity. The IATF 16949 certificate is proof of a consistent focus on the highest quality standards.


As illustrated by the ISO 14001 certificate, among other things, we promote environmental awareness throughout the company and work in a targeted manner on waste avoidance, waste reduction and waste separation. To this end, we process economically and resource-saving raw materials and energies and use environmentally friendly technologies.