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On the pulse of time for over 60 years. With our industry diversity, we have been oriented to current industry trends since the company was founded.

Thus, SCHERDEL Wiesauplast has always been represented in a wide variety of industries that are always up-to-date. A look at the company’s history illustrates this trend-oriented industry diversity. It ranges from the broadcasting and phono industries, to home appliances and automotive, to the medical and oil drilling industries. The main focus is on the development of innovative solutions, which were realized, for example, with slide magazines in the 60s or coffee machines as complete assemblies by SCHERDEL Wiesauplast.

Today, SCHERDEL Wiesauplast is active as a recognized partner of the automotive industry, especially for safety and function-relevant parts. Products for medical and automation technology, water treatment and other innovative industries are also supplied from Wiesau and Mexico.


As a true partner to the automotive industry, we are involved from the very beginning when it comes to implementing new ideas and trends for the car of the future. Together, we are developing innovative applications today for tomorrow with a focus on the areas of emission reduction, autonomous driving or vehicle electrification. Our know-how in electronics and plastics technology as well as our development expertise ensure that we find innovative solutions.

The processes used and products manufactured, customer expectations and market dynamics have changed over the past 60 years. What has remained, however, is the high standard of quality and service for the customer.

SCHERDEL Wiesauplast manufactures a wide range of technical components and systems in Germany and Mexico which, among other things, perform safety-relevant functions in automobiles. Today, SCHERDEL Wiesauplast is a reliable partner as well as “Preferred and Premium Supplier” of the automotive supply industry.


Medical technology today uses plastics and components in, on and outside the human body. Plastic products with invasive functions and applications receive the highest technical and regulatory attention.

SCHERDEL Wiesauplast is particularly successful in medical technology with customers who have innovative first-generation product ideas. The group of companies accompanies its partners through the development, prototype and construction phases right up to the competitive and sustainable, partly fully automated series production process.

The focus here is on medical products, devices, equipment, systems and facilities that are subject to the highest requirements in terms of functionality, functional integration, mechatronics, biocompatibility and technology.


Metal substitution, downsizing, optimal 3D design, function integration and lightweight construction are the motives that the industry has basically been pursuing for the use of high-performance plastics for years.

SCHERDEL Wiesauplast is particularly successful with industrial customers with first-generation product innovations. The group of companies accompanies its partners through the development, prototype and construction phases right up to robustly efficient, partly fully automated series operation.

The focus here is on products, equipment, systems and facilities that are subject to the most stringent requirements of a mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal and biocidal nature. The usual repertoire of requirements includes tolerances in the 1/100th over temperature ranges from -40°C to +250°C.



Future-oriented and innovative solutions in the field of plastic injection molding technology for complex requirements are our claim. As a technically oriented company, SCHERDEL Wiesauplast also tries to set standards with regard to technological solutions. We at SCHERDEL Wiesauplast therefore strive to identify technological trends with market potential and added value for the customer at an early stage and to transfer them to series production.

Metal substitution

Metal is increasingly being replaced by plastic. SCHERDEL Wiesauplast is your ideal partner in this respect, as we are aware of the need to reduce weight and develop further advantages with the customer.


Hybrid systems

The form fit between the plastic and the metal parts used enables the production of highly stressable and cost-effective components. Alternatively, electronic molds with appropriate conductivity can be realized.


Hi-Tech Materials

SCHERDEL Wiesauplast processes mainly thermoplastics based on PET, PPS, PEEK, PPA, PBT and PA with up to 60% filler content for precision parts. Only the selected materials allow the production of plastic parts in the borderline range.


2D SMD placement

In the field of 2D assembly, our know-how focuses on double-sided SMD assembly of flexible and heavy-duty printed circuit boards. SCHERDEL Wiesauplast also equips polymer-based MID solutions with electronics in two dimensions.


3D MID solutions

The focus of MID technology is on function integration and the demand for consistent miniaturization for 3D applications. Using LDS technology, new solutions are developed which are brought into series production by MID-Tronic SCHERDEL Wiesauplast.


Mechatronic systems

Mechatronic systems as sensors for position sensing come from SCHERDEL Wiesauplast. We supply gearbox and electronic housings with and without metal inserts as well as, for example, plastic parts for the mass air flow sensor. Our plastics and electronics expertise is equally in demand.